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Perma-Fix Northwest

Radioactive and Mixed Waste Treatment Facility

Located on 35 acres adjacent to the DOE Hanford Site. Our Perma-Fix Northwest (PFNW) facility manages and treats both low level (LLW) and mixed low level (MLLW) radioactive wastes. We maintain two discrete licensed areas, one for LLW and the other for MLLW so that wastes can be managed separately and distinctly. Licenses are issued by the Washington Department of Health (WDOH) and the RCRA permit by the Washington Department of Ecology (WDOE) and EPA. The Facility is ISO 9001 certified

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Richard Grondin,
General Manager

Unique Treatment capabilities

Technology and know-how to create a custom solution

We have the unique capability and experience in processing large components.

PFNW is the ideal facility for receiving large components, with our large footprint and ownership of a rail spur leading directly into the facility

Our rail spur reduces the amount of waste on public roads facilitating the movement of radioactive wastes directly into the facility, thereby minimizing any health risk to the local community.

We are also able to receive large volumes of high activity waste via rail to support the DOE mission to disposition these complex waste streams.

Thermal Processing

State of the Art Facility

Our staff operates two Bulk Process Units (BPUs) for thermal processing of both liquid and solid low-level wastes. The BPU is a large, refractory lined oven that is heated to 1800°F. This temperature is sufficient to thermally break down all organic material in the waste resulting in a stable residue suitable for disposal.

One unit is a batch process that is typically utilized to treat LLW solids. This batch process is unique as it allows for complete separability of generator wastes by utilizing a stainless steel burn box for each waste stream. The other unit is continuous feed most typically used for LLW liquids.

The BPU provides significant volume reduction ratios of up to 100:1.

Trans Uranic Waste (TRU)

A Challenging Waste Stream

Our PFNW facility is the only commercial facility authorized and capable to manage TRU wastes.

TRU wastes are challenging because they require extreme care in handling for public and worker safety.

Our highly trained employees have developed a very safe and efficient process to handle highly Alpha contaminated material.

For the past 6 years, PFNW has safely performed volume reduction and repackaging of TRU wastes from the DOE Hanford Central Plateau site.

A team of experienced professionals

The PFNW team

Our team at PFNW works together to provide a safe and productive work environment while contributing to the successful completion of our clients’ most challenging projects.

Decontaminated and recycled more than 2,000,000 lbs of metals from an active Nuclear Power Plant.

Treat, sort and packaged more than 5,000 cubic meters of TRU waste.

Treat and return 1,000 of cubic meters of international generator waste.

We Maintain a NNSS certification program.

We have and can dispose waste to all disposal sites in the USA.

Our Treatment Capabilities

A Variety Of Waste Streams and treatment options

We can handle a diverse set of waste streams, including:

  • Radioactive waters, oils, and sludges
  • Transuranic Waste (TRU)
  • Corrosive liquids
  • Used oil
  • PCB liquids and semi-solids
  • Debris and contaminated soil
  • Stabilization and Neutralization
  • Solidification and Macroencapsulation
  • Radiological contaminated Elemental Mercury (Hg) and Lead (Pb)
  • Labpack Processing
  • PCB Separation
  • Thermal and Non-Thermal Volume Reduction
  • NORM and TNORM treatment and disposal
  • Sort and Segregation
  • Solvent Extraction/Debris Washing

Additional Treatment and Service locations

Diversified Scientific Services, Inc. (DSSI)

Our DSSI facility has the capability to destroy a wide range of liquid mixed and radioactive wastes using a licensed combustion process.

Perma-Fix of Florida

Our Gainesville FL Facility handles medical, industrial, and specialized waste streams.

Perma-Fix Instrumentation Lab

Our radiological and industrial hygene lab provides equipment rental, calibration, and repair.


Waste Treatment

Our fixed base facilities offer highly specialized treatment options that help reduce risk and avoid costly internal program development.

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Nuclear & Technical

Our highly experienced team of professionals can handle domestic and international challenges across all project disciplines.

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We repair, calibrate and rent radiological and industrial hygiene instrumentation, and have one of the country's largest commercial instrument inventories.

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Our research team specializes in development of new and innovative solutions that manage risk and create value associated with nuclear materials.

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Safety is our business.

We are dedicated to the safety of our people, our facilities, the public, and the environment. We are committed to operating our facilities and managing our projects safely and compliantly. Our Quality Management System has achieved independent ISO 9001 and NQA-1 certification and provides a unique integration of safety and quality.


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