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Perma-Fix has constructed Perma-Sort, the newest automated radiological characterization and segregation system for bulk materials. Drawing on our staff of project managers, nuclear engineers, and certified health physicists (CHPs) with more than 50 years of soil sorting experience, Perma-Fix built a customized conveyor-based radiological assay system designed to provide 100% characterization of material efficiently and with industry-leading measurement quality. Our system offers management of end-point uncertainty in regards to the characterization of all material processed, including material exceeding the site acceptance criteria (requiring transportation and disposal offsite) and material meeting the site acceptance criteria (i.e. unrestricted release criteria).

Product Specs

  • Faster Mobilization

    Trailer mounted system offering simple and rapid mobilization and setup.

  • Bulk Material Characterization and Segregation

    100% assay of material using conveyor-based system. Material output can be discharged into virtually any container size or managed with takeaway conveyors.

  • Processing Rates

    Capable of processing > 200 tons of bulk material per hour. Software supports multiple material profiles for varying bulk material types.

  • Measurement Quality

    • Industry leading radiological measurement quality. Network based software offering stakeholders remote oversight and quality assurance/quality control.
    • Detector type(s), number, and configuration are customizable, depending on the site-specific requirements and contaminants of concern.


  • Characterization/Segregation of most any flowable material types:

    • Soil
    • Shredded wood, metal, debris, DAW
    • Crushed concrete and building material
  • Assay Objectives can support:

    • Characterization
    • FSS for Free Release
    • Release with Industrial Controls
    • Waste acceptance criteria for disposal
  • Supports a Broad Range of Contaminants:

    • Fission products
    • Transuranics
    • Heavy Metals
    • Beryllium
    • UXO/MEC

    • E-stop technology of conveyors
    • Fall protection
    • Audio and visual alarms for system operation and conveyor startup

Perma-Sort Product Lead

alex l

“It goes beyond just the technology. At Perma-Fix we are delivering turn-key solutions”

Alex Lopez, CHP VP of
Health Physics Technology

Introducing Perma-Sort

How It Works

How It Works

Materials are loaded into a large feed hopper and then transported through the system with an electronically controlled conveyor "survey " belt. While on the survey belt, the material is analyzed and tracked. At the end of the survey belt the material is transferred to a short reversing conveyor that spins in one direction for below criteria material and in the opposite direction for above criteria material. The reversing conveyor transfers materials to standard stacking conveyors which can then create piles of material or transfer directly to trucks or waste containers.

Network Systems

Network Systems

Perma-Sort includes 4 key systems that are monitored and controlled by a network based software platform: radiation detection system, conveyor system, material (including density/mass) system, and data management/reporting system. The system is network based so monitoring and control can be executed from multiple areas on the project site (command center, mobile device, project management trailer, etc.). If desired, the system could be made available to stakeholders on a private network connection.

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