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We provide turn-key nuclear waste and radiological material management across the globe.


Market Diversity

We deliver solutions to private and public sector clients in North America, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

We have decades of experience navigating new or evolving regulatory frameworks for our market base. We leverage our relationships and experience to build the optimal solution for our clients' radioactive materials and radiation protection programs.

Our program management, characterization, remediation and mixed-waste treatment solutions have been delivered to clients who are decommissioning properties as well as clients with active operating facilities.


Operating across many countries and regulatory frameworks as well as supporting a variety of waste profiles (NORM, TENORM, By-Product Material, Nuclear Fuel, Special Nuclear Material and more) enables us to deliver complete nuclear waste and radiological material management in a way no other company can.


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    US Department of Energy

    The US Department of Energy laboratory and weapons complex is a core market where we have provided a wide range of nuclear waste services. Solutions have been successfully delivered to sites across the DOE complex including Hanford WA, Oak Ridge K-25 (UCOR) and Y-12, Savannah River, Lawrence Berkeley, ORNL, Portsmouth, Paducha and many more. Check out our Projects page

    We provide waste treatment and professional services to active DOE laboratories as well as treatment and decommissioning support to enrichment and legacy weapons complex facilities.

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    Canadian Nuclear Laboratory

    We have been supporting cleanup efforts for CNL (previously AECL) since 2002. Our Diversified Scientific Services, Inc. (DSSI) facility has treated low-level liquids and mixed low-level liquids (oils, chemicals, water, lab packs, vials) and sludges typically contaminated with H3 at high levels. The primary treatment technology has been thermal destruction of liquids and sludges.

    We also have project experience supporting Douglas Point, Whiteshell, and Chalk River.

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    Mining and Metal Production

    Evolving regulations have rapidly changed the liabilities for Mining and Metal production industries related to NORM, TENORM, and miscellaneous radiological materials. Our clients rely on us to optimize the balance between operational efficiency and regulatory risk.

    We provided emergency response and radiological remediation services to a top ten U.S. metal recycling company at three locations in two states.

Department of Energy

Waste Management and Radiological Services for the complex across Oak Ridge, Hanford, Paducha, Portsmouth, and LBNL

Department of Defense

Long history of radiation protection, radiological services, waste services, and technology development for the U.S. Department of Defense.

fusrap project
Experienced prime contractor for FUSRAP investigations and site closure projects.
navy carrier

Numerous radiological characterization, remediation, and professional services projects under the Navy CLEAN, EMACs, and RADMACs programs.

jet photo
Air Force

Radiological site characterizations, remediation and soil segregation. Mixed waste management, treatment, transportation and disposal.

hazardous materials
Monitoring and Deterrence (DARPA, NNSA, DHS, etc.)

Research and development for proliferation and border monitoring. System development, data management, and processing.


A global presence that provides solutions in diverse regulatory environments.

Experienced prime contractor for multiple sites.
Read about how we provide engineering, consulting, health physics and more in the United Kingdom and other europeean countries.
Perma-Fix UK

Nuclear Power

Mixed waste treatment, waste services and professional services for a broad range of organizations in the Nuclear Power Industry. We have decommissioned test reactors, equipment refurbishment centers, and performed partial and full license termination.


Advanced characterization and non-destructive assay, soil segregation, staff augmentation, professional planning, and design.

Mining and Metals

Complete professional services and NORM and TENORM waste disposal capabilities for mining, scrap processors and metal producers.

Uranium Mines

Wide area characterization, isotopic identification, remediation and waste transportation, and analytical services.

Phosphates Mines

Historical site assessments, MARSSIM characterization design and performance, remediation and soil segregation.

Scrap and Recycling

Training and program development, on-site audits, enhanced detection and monitoring, and emergency response services.


Site assessments and audits, professional support for contaminated metal stocks.

Oil and Gas

Complete NORM and TENORM support and mixed waste treatment from well pad to refinery.


TENORM regulation review, program development, radiological worker training, pre and post well pad surveys. Mixed waste brokerage, treatment, and disposal.

water treatment
Water Treatment

Radiological surveys, waste brokerage, transportation, and disposal.


Radiation protection support, radon and polonium monitoring, waste treatment, and transportation.



Infectious, medical, hazardous, and radioactive wastes.

Research and Universities

Expired and off spec products, research generated wastes.


Pharmaceutical waste products.

Industrial Waste

We manage, treat, and dispose hazardous waste from government, commercial, and institutional operations.

Automotive repair

Treatment and disposal services of oil, paints, strippers, and manufacturing byproducts.

Manufacturing and Fabrication

Byproduct management, cradle to grave, of most manufacturing processes.

Painting and DIY Providers

1500 containers of non-radioactive, hazardous waste processesed per month.


Our experience enables us to deliver a quality solution, every time.

We are a global provider and industry leader in providing safe, compliant, and environmentally responsible radiation protection/decommissioning health physics (HP) services and solutions. Our experienced HP staff, including six certified health physicists (CHP) provide clients with best practices for the protection of people and the environment from radiological hazards including naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM). Along with the largest HP instrumentation laboratory in the county, our HP staff have provided management and consulting to various industrial, utility, and government clients for more than 18 years.


Waste Treatment

Our fixed base facilities offer highly specialized treatment options that help reduce risk and avoid costly internal program development.

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Nuclear Services

Our highly experienced team of professionals can handle domestic and international challenges across all project disciplines.

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Health Physics

We have cutting-edge technologies, a large team of industry experts, extensive capabilities, and an unwavering commitment to safety.

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International Division

We are a highly experienced in safe, compliant and environmentally responsible nuclear services and waste management across the globe.

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What makes Us Different

We have a solid reputation of successfully completing complex nuclear and waste management projects. Our knowledge and experience of operating our own large waste treatment facilities together with the experience in the areas of project management and Health Physics Services, has allowed Perma-Fix to expand into a global nuclear services company.