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Radioactive Material Programs and Management

Our Nuclear Services Division provides full service health physics and radiological protection/engineering that supports ongoing operations at recycling facilities. This support includes plans, procedures, training and implementing innovative technologies for day to day operations. Our Health Physics and Radiological Control subject matter experts whom are frequently utilized by Federal and State agencies are available to consult with clients for their radiological programs.

Project and Clients

  • Emergency Response Project

    Our team responded in less than 24 hours to a confidential client's sites that were contaminated after a radiation source was shredded. We stabilized the sites, provided regulatory guidance and support, and executed all clean-up activities.

  • Portal Monitoring Calibration Project

    We delivered portal monitoring calibration services to an operator in the midwest that continued to encounter NORM and TENORM issues related to Oil and Gas operations.

  • Site Audit Project

    Our staff provided comprehensive audit of radiation programs, procedures, and site operations to a scrap operator on the west coast that wanted to prevent problems and streamline radiation safey.

Our Capabilities

The know-how, The People, The Vision

We have first hand experience with improving scrap and recycling operational radiation safety as well as responding to radiological incidents. From site audit and instrument maintenance to program development and innovative solutions, our staff of experts is ready to help.

Scrap Industry Lead

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“We are excited to offer the Scrap and Recycle industry such a wide range of traditional and innovative solutions to managing radiological risk at their facilities. ”

Jeff Bowers

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Risk Management of Radioactive Material

    Turnkey Solution
  • Orphaned radioactive materials take a serious toll on scrap and recycling facilities. The unknown and unexpected nature of harmful radioactive materials have forced facilities to develop radiation monitoring and protection programs to safeguard their people, equipment and operations. We provide complete and turnkey solutions for managing the constant risk of radioactive materials.

  • Radioactive Material Programs
  • Our team has decades of experience helping non-nuclear companies manage radioactive materials and has a library of existing programs that can quickly be tailored to a specific facility or group of facilities.

  • Portal Monitor Calibration
  • We provide on-site annual calibrations with NISTTraceable radioactive sources with trained calibration technicians.

  • Portal Monitoring Optimization
  • We will optimize your portal monitor operations and confirmation measurements to prevent false alarms.

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Incident Response & Recovery

    Rapid Response
  • Our experienced team can mobilize in less than 24 hours to stop the spread of contamination, evaluate any regulatory requirements, isolate the contamination, and begin remediation.

  • Site Inspections, Regulatory Guidance, and Corporate Support
  • We have helped many companies in scrap, recycling, mining, oil & gas, and the nuclear industry rapidly understand their liabilities and develop a balanced strategy for managing risk vs cost.

  • Radioactive Waste Transportation and Disposal
  • Our waste brokerage professionals will ensure the lowest price possible for radioactive waste transportation and disposal.


On-Call, On-line, and On-Demand Services

    Instrument Rental and Calibration
  • Perma-Fix owns and operates North America's largest radiation detection instrument rental and calibration facility. This capability allows us to quickly provide instrumentation that is calibrated and maintained.

  • Custom Instrumentation
  • We have innovative methods and technology that allow operators to reduce costs and reduce risks related to their radiation protection strategy. Online detection equipment, remote facility monitoring, and automated kill-switches keep your facility production up and radiation risk low.

  • On-site or Remote Training
  • Our engineers have decades of field experience and can eliminate any uncertainties regarding the operating of radiation equipment.

Scrap and Recycling Brochure

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Waste Treatment

Our fixed base facilities offer highly specialized treatment options that help reduce risk and avoid costly internal program development.

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Nuclear & Health
Physics Services

Our highly experienced team of professionals can handle domestic and international challenges across all project disciplines.

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We repair, calibrate, and rent radiological and industrial hygiene instrumentation, and have one of the country's largest commercial instrument inventories.

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Our research team specializes in development of new and innovative solutions that manage risk and create value associated with nuclear materials.

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NORM / TENORM Services

Our team provides turn-key services for NORM management, specializing in tailoring solutions for difficult waste streams and strategic support which range from regulatory compliance consulting to turn-key NORM program management design and implementation.

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