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NORM / TENORM Services

Industrial NORM and TENORM sources are unique radioactive material sources in that they are relatively low activity concentrations combined with relatively high volumes. For the past fifteen years our health physicists and radiological engineers have provided naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) and technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material (TENORM) Management and Consulting Services for a variety of clients including specialty metals operations and mining sites. Recently, utilities actively drilling the Marcellus Shale and Utica Shale formations for natural gas have benefited from our TENORM expertise through direct consultation and waste management. Our team has responded to over 50 emergency response incidents involving rail cars contaminated with NORM/TENORM and has supported several site investigations at former phosphate fertilizer facilities.

Products and Services

  • Radiological Site Study

    Data analysis, radiological exposure assessments and radiological site surveys.

  • Monitoring Services

    We can develop and implement a radiological monitoring programs to ensure your worker health and safety as well as the environment.

  • Oil and Gas Exploration

    Our nationally recognized subject matter experts offer extensive experience across North American oil and gas production.

  • Mineral Sands Mines Management

    Characterization, human health risk assessments, and evaluation of remedial options for potentially-impacted materials .

NORM and TENORM Industry Lead

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“We have the expertise and experience to help you address the risks and challenges of NORM & TENORM, give us a call. ”


Norm / TENORM Management & Consulting Services

NORM Consulting

We designed and implemented a comprehensive study of NORM/TENORM associated with conventional and unconventional oil and gas production activities in Pennsylvania on behalf of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The resulting study report included data analysis, assessments of potential worker and public radiation exposure, TENORM disposal, and other possible environmental impacts. It also encompassed radiological surveys at well sites, wastewater treatment plants, landfills, gas distribution and end use, and oil and gas brine-treated roads. The media sampled included solids, liquids, natural gas, ambient air, and surface radioactivity. Our office located in New Brighton, Pennsylvania is centrally located within the three large Marcellus Shale drilling states.

Norm / TENORM Monitoring

Mineral Sands

The potential exposure of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM), to worker health and safety as well as the environment should be evaluated and monitored. All earth moving, mining, and drilling activities involve NORM and the build-up of this material creates TENORM. We help you protect your workers and the environment during your regular operations by providing NORM and TENORM monitoring services and safe work procedure development and controls. Our federally recognized subject matter experts can develop and/or implement a plan for you. We also help utilities drilling shale formations for natural gas, now pressed by public and state regulators to safely manage NORM by-product from drilling.

NORM & TENORM Brochure

NORM and TENORM brochure

Waste Treatment

Our fixed base facilities offer highly specialized treatment options that help reduce risk and avoid costly internal program development.

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Nuclear & Technical

Our highly experienced team of professionals can handle domestic and international challenges across all project disciplines.

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We repair, calibrate, and rent radiological and industrial hygiene instrumentation, and have one of the country's largest commercial instrument inventories.

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Our research team specializes in development of new and innovative solutions that manage risk and create value associated with nuclear materials.

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NORM / TENORM Services

Our team provides turn-key services for NORM management, specializing in tailoring solutions for difficult waste streams and strategic support which range from regulatory compliance consulting to turn-key NORM program management design and implementation.

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