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Debris Disposal

MATOC FY19 Demolition Task Order

Overview: Planned and completed the demolition of select US Army Reserve Center facilities at Fort Devens in Devens, MA and Caven Point in Jersey City, NJ.

Capabilities Delivered


We are pleased to serve the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on key demolition and remediation projects . Serving as the lead contractor, we provided project management, subcontractor integration, project scheduling and controls.

Project Details

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During the spring of 2020, we led the planning and demolition of select military facilities at Fort Devens in Devens, MA and Caven Point in Jersey City, NJ. Services included pre-demolition assessment, abatement and removal of asbestos containing materials and other regulated materials, disconnection and capping of utilities, diversion and disposal of all debris materials, and restoration of the site to a specified condition. Following demolition, we restored all sites with grading and proper drainage.

We designed and implemented a comprehensive plan to conform to the requirements in the FRP Region MATOC, including the performance work statement, and all applicable federal, state, and local regulations, including all work plans and submittals. Structures included facilities NJ008-Army Reserve Center Building (9,814 sf); three MA012 facilities-Org Classrooms (576 sf each); and MA012-Track and Gun Sync Ramp. All structures were restored to grass. Despite several COVID-19 related closures and delays, the project was completed on-time, on-budget and safely.

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