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Our Diversified Scientific Services (DSSI) facility has the capability to destroy a wide range of liquid, mixed, and radioactive wastes using a licensed combustion process. The staff has over a decade of mixed waste treatment experience, since issuance of a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Part B Permit in 1989. This facility operates as the only commercial mixed waste combustion unit in the U.S. with TSCA treatment authorization from the EPA Region 4 to manage TSCA regulated PCB contaminated radioactive wastes.

State of the Art Facility

  • Located in Kingston, Tennessee, our DSSI facility is the most unique radioactive waste treatment facility in the U.S. because it has the capability to thermally destroy a wide range of liquid mixed and radioactive wastes using a licensed combustion process.

  • We operate the only commercial mixed waste combustion unit in the United States with TSCA treatment authorization. We have been an experienced radioactive and mixed waste processor since 1989.

  • Our staff at DSSI develops specialized processes and treatability studies for unique mixed waste streams.


Thermal Treatment Capabilities

  • The direct-fired boiler industrial furnace (BIF) provides final destruction of liquids separated from solid wastes.

  • The contaminants in the waste are either completely destroyed or bound to meet land disposal restriction (LDR) criteria.

  • We dispose of all combustion byproducts and no secondary wastes are returned to the customer.


Liquid Waste Treatment

  • This facility can accommodate drum quantities or large bulk (tanker) quantities of liquid wastes.

  • Our tank farm has the capacity to store 30,000 gallons of liquid wastes.

  • The tanks are used for storage and to allow for blending of the wastes prior to processing.

mixed waste

Complex Mixed Waste Solutions

  • We have a long standing reputation for developing unique treatment capabilities for the most difficult and complex waste streams.

  • Years of treatment experience coupled with sound engineering practices, intimate knowledge of RCRA & TSCA regulations, and on-site fabrication expertise have allowed us great success in treating a myriad of previously homeless waste streams.

  • Our innovative solutions have helped DOE subcontractors successfully meet established treatment milestones in support of the DOE mission.

protocol development

Treatment Protocol Development

  • Our staff has the experience, technology, and know-how to develop a waste treatment capability for difficult and problematic waste.

  • We have a strong history of success in dealing with orphaned waste streams

waste streams

Additional Waste Streams

  • Radioactive waters, oils, and sludges
  • Solvents (halogenated and non-halogenated)
  • Organic-bearing aqueous wastes including Mercury sludge
  • Corrosive liquids
  • Reactive Waste
  • High Activity
  • Used oil
  • PCB liquids and semi-solids
waste processing

Additional Waste Processes Available:

  • Thermal Treatment of MLLW liquids
  • Labpack Processing
  • Macroencapsulation
  • Liquefaction and Thermal treatment of MLLW solids
  • Waste stream Sorting and Segregation
  • Solvent Extraction / Debris Washing

Additional Treatment Facilities

pf northwest

Perma-Fix Northwest

Our Perma-Fix Northwest Richland (PFNW) facility is located on 35 acres adjacent to the DOE Hanford Site.

gainesville office

Perma-Fix of Florida

Our Gainesville FL Facility handles medical, industrial, and specialized waste streams.


Environmental Waste Operations Center (EWOC)

Our EWOC facility, located in Oak Ridge, TN, is primarily a multi-disciplinary Low-level Waste processing center.


Waste Treatment

Our fixed base facilities offer highly specialized treatment options that help reduce risk and avoid costly internal program development.

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Nuclear Services

Our highly experienced team of professionals can handle domestic and international challenges across all project disciplines.

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Health Physics

We have cutting-edge technologies, a large team of industry experts, extensive capabilities, and an unwavering commitment to safety.

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International Division

We are a highly experienced in safe, compliant and environmentally responsible nuclear services and waste management across the globe.

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Safety is our business.

The safety of our people, our facilities, the public, and the environment is one of our top priorities at Perma-Fix, Inc. That is why we are committed to operating our facilities and managing our projects safely and compliantly. All of our management systems and processes have been tailored to provide a unique integration of safety and quality for both our clients and our employees.


Diversified Scientific Services
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NQA-1 Certification

NQA-1 Compliant

Perma-Fix's Diversified Scientific Services facility is compliant with the standards set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) in their Nuclear Quality Assurance program. NQA-1 emphasizes the importance of each individual's role in our operations, and by applying these standards, we can efficiently manage the processing and disposal of any radioactive materials.