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Our Company

Who We Are


Our mission is to provide superior service to our clients through innovation and ingenuity that represents value and environmental responsibility while building a culture which our employees can be proud of and our investors realize as sustainable for future growth.

Mark Duff, CEOMark Duff, CEO

Company Vision

We have a vision to provide value to our clients through innovation in waste management and treatment technologies coupled with our remediation and radiation protection services to enable our clients to clean up their contaminated properties; assist them in maintaining compliance with regulatory and safety requirements; and provide a mechanism for them to fulfill their environmental and safety stewardship obligations to their employees, investors, and the general public.

Core Values


We are credible and trustworthy professionals that instill confidence by honoring our agreements and commitments and acting with integrity in our dealings with employees, customers and stakeholders.


We are dedicated to the safety of our people, our facilities, the public, and the environment.

Commitment to Our People

We are dedicated to the professional development and job satisfaction of our employees.


We value the resourcefulness, creativity, ingenuity, and expertise of our employees in providing nuclear services and solving radioactive waste challenges.

Value Added

We are committed to delivering maximum value to our customers, stakeholders and the general public, providing solutions through our discipline, our commitment to safety excellence and through our technical knowledge and expertise.

Commitment to Our Customers

We provide best in class customer service, technical insight and problem-solving in support of our customers' achievement of their business objectives.

Commitment to Our Communities

Our actions reflect our commitment to being respected neighbors and responsible stewards of the environment.

Why Us

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    We have over 30 years of experience in nuclear and industrial service operation and have performed over $2 billion worth of nuclear, hazardous and radioactive waste treatment services.

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    We employ professionals and specialists throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Our employees possess decades of experience and deliver quality and value to every project.

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    We provide the security, experience and depth of a large company while providing the agility, creativity, and flexibility, of a small company. This responsiveness and understanding allow us to meet challenges head-on and develop innovative, cost-effective and safe strategies and solutions for our clients.

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    We have a solid reputation of successfully completing complex nuclear and waste management projects. Our knowledge and experience of operating our own mixed, low level, and industrial waste treatment facilities together with the experience in the areas of nuclear service operations, project management and technical services, has allowed Perma-Fix to expand into a global nuclear services company.

When Experience Matters, Think Perma-Fix

Perma-Fix is a nuclear services company and leading provider of waste management services with over 30 years of experience working on some of the most challenging projects in the world. Learn more about how we're uniquely suited to serve you:

Our People

We have hundreds of employees on the Perma-Fix team and every one of us is dedicated to ensuring that we safely deliver value and excellence to our customers.

andy l

Executive VP, Nuclear Services
"Our customers expect a reliable, qualified, and safety conscious team, and that is why they call us!"

ben n

Executive VP & Chief Financial Officer
"We strive to get the right tools into the hands of our workforce and support them every step of the way."

lou c

Executive VP of Strategic Initiatives
"We are committed to our clients and we will develop cost effective technologies, processes, safety standards, and controls to ensure their success."

r grondin

Executive VP, Waste Treatment Operations
"We can rise to any challenge that our customers or regulators present to us."


Director of Health Physics Operations
"I am very excited to be part of the Perma-Fix team and am looking forward to making a significant contribution for our clients."


Manager of Projects
"Our work is never easy, requires significant attention to detail, demands long hours, time away from home, and high risk materials. Why do we do it? Simply put... To protect the workers, public and environment!"

diane m

VP, Nuclear Service Operations
"Our clients can rest assured that we have industry experts with the ability to manage complex problems while also ensuring regulatory and safety compliance."

sally m

General Manager (EWOC)
"We are rigorous and disciplined. Our R & D Laboratory team can resolve even the most complicated waste management challenges."

jeff b

VP, Western Services and Business Development
"Our central focus is driving performance assurance to achieve customer satisfaction."

lisa c

Executive Assistant
"Making sure that our customers are aware of and able to take advantage of our wide array of services is a top priority!"

Brian W

VP, Waste Services and Business Development
"Our value to you is an in-depth understanding of Commercial Nuclear and Utilities and the waste management life-cycle."

Curt C

VP, General Manager (PFNW)
"We have an experienced team prepared to assist you with a diverse range of waste streams!"

George T

VP, Special Projects and Integration
"We have decades of experience and a proven track record in Waste Management and Treatment technologies."


VP, General Manager
Our careful attention to detail and devotion to delivering the best service possible is what makes Perma-Fix special.

helen b

VP, Corporate Controller
"Every day is a new challenge, a new solution, and a really great experience!"

pam i

VP, Human Resources
"Our people are a great asset. We value our employees!"


VP, Waste Services and Engineering
"We have the technology and know-how to help you reduce the risks associated with both legacy and modern waste streams."

eric l

VP, Health Physics Services
"We get the right people, the right tools and then get together and solve the problems."

darrell s

ESH&Q Director
"Quality is something we put in everything we do!"

mark k

Senior Project Controls Manager
"Give us your requirements and we will develop a solution that exceeds your expectations!"

Paul J

Waste Technical Services Manager
"Our talented technical services team works hard to provide the best service and instrumentation possible."


Corporate RSO
"We are ready for any challenge and believe that we can provide a superior solution for the client as well as the environment."


Sales Manager
Customer satisfaction is a priority we work hard to maintain every day!

scott e

Manager, Legal Affairs
"Wisdom is oft-times nearer when we stoop than when we soar."
— William Wordsworth


Our experience enables us to deliver a quality solution, every time.

We are a global provider and industry leader in providing safe, compliant, and environmentally responsible radiation protection/decommissioning health physics (HP) services and solutions. Our experienced HP staff, including six certified health physicists (CHP) provide clients with best practices for the protection of people and the environment from radiological hazards including naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM). Along with the largest HP instrumentation laboratory in the county, our HP staff have provided management and consulting to various industrial, utility, and government clients for more than 18 years.

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What makes Us Different

We have a solid reputation of successfully completing complex nuclear and waste management projects.

Our knowledge and experience of operating our own large waste treatment facilities, together with the experience in the areas of project management and technical services, has allowed us to expand into a global nuclear services company.


Waste Treatment

Our fixed base facilities offer highly specialized treatment options that help reduce risk and avoid costly internal program development.

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Nuclear & Technical

Our highly experienced team of professionals can handle domestic and international challenges across all project disciplines.

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We repair, calibrate and rent radiological and industrial hygiene instrumentation, and have one of the country's largest commercial instrument inventories.

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Our research team specializes in development of new and innovative solutions that manage risk and create value associated with nuclear materials.

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NORM / TENORM Services

Our team provides turn-key services for NORM management, specializing in tailoring solutions for difficult waste streams and strategic support which range from regulatory compliance consulting to turn-key NORM program management design and implementation.

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