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Scrap Recycling: Radioactive Material Programs and Management

Perma-Fix’s Nuclear Services Division provides full service health physics and radiological protection/engineering that supports ongoing operations at recycling facilities. This support includes plans, procedures, training and implementing innovative technologies for day to day operations. Our Health Physics and Radiological Control subject matter experts whom are frequently utilized by Federal and State agencies are available to consult with clients for their radiological programs.

Complete Risk Management of Radioactive Material for Scrap Processing and Recycling

Orphaned radioactive materials take a serious toll on scrap and recycling facilities. The unknown and unexpected nature of harmful radioactive materials have forced facilities to develop radiation monitoring and protection programs to safeguard their people, equipment and operations. Perma –Fix provides complete and turnkey solutions for managing the constant risk of radioactive materials.

Radioactive Material Programs
Perma-Fix has a library of existing programs that can quickly be tailored to a specific facility or group of facilities.

Simple and Effective Procedures
Radioactive material plans and procedures shouldn’t be difficult. Perma-Fix has decades of experience helping non-nuclear companies manage radioactive materials.

On-site or remote training
Perma-Fix engineers have decades of field experience and can eliminate any uncertainties regarding the operating of radiation equipment.

Portal Monitoring optimization
Portal monitors are constantly producing false alarms. As such, we optimize portal monitor operation and confirmation measurements.

Instrument rental and calibration
Perma-Fix owns and operates North America’s largest radiation detection instrument rental and calibration facility. This capability allows us to quickly provide instrumentation that is calibrated and maintained.

Site inspections, regulatory guidance, and corporate support
We have helped many companies in scrap, recycling, mining, oil & gas, and the nuclear industry rapidly understand their liabilities and develop a balanced strategy for managing risk vs cost.

Scrap Recycling: Rapid and discrete radioactive material incident response

Perma-Fix’s Nuclear Services Division provides full service emergency response for hazardous radioactive material and contamination events. This support includes rapid and discrete mobilization of all equipment, staff, and materials needed to isolate control and remove offending material. Our Health Physics and Radiological technicians, engineers, and field managers have decades of experience responding to emergencies for federal and commercial facilities.

Rapid recovery to return the facility to safe operating conditions

Orphaned radioactive materials can cripple a scrap processing or recycling facility. Our experienced team can mobilize in less than 24 hours to stop the spread of contamination, evaluate any regulatory requirements, isolate the contamination, and begin remediation.

Perma-Fix has a complete portfolio for incident response
An experienced and deep bench of field technicians, engineers, subcontractors, and suppliers allow us to respond quicker and more effectively.

Experience is paramount during incident response
Perma-Fix has responded to numerous incidents and emergency responses and will support your operational goals every step of the way.

Complete stakeholder management
Professional services are available to provide liaison support services with the public, regulators and insurance providers.

Radioactive waste transportation and disposal
Our waste brokerage professionals will ensure the lowest price possible for radioactive waste transportation and disposal.

Scrap Recycling: Special Services

Perma-Fix’s Nuclear Services Division provides special services and technologies for large and high risk scrap and recycling companies. The advance offerings increase detection capabilities, preventative measures, and decrease impact and downtime from events. The offerings are idea for large or high value operations with lower risk tolerance strategies.

On-Call, On-line, and On-Demand services

Accidently processing radioactive sources and materials can be devastating to an organization if undetected and not promptly controlled and contained. A recent contamination event left an up stream facility inoperable for over 9 months and an advanced ASR facility out of commission for over 6 months. Total damages exceeded $10M. Perma-Fix advanced services and technologies could have prevented this catastrophic event.

Online instruments and portal monitors
Provide the ability to monitor remote operations and radiation equipment around the globe from any connected computer or smart phone.

On-Call Services
Radiological engineers and health physicist on stand-by to support decision making, risk mitigation, and early stage incident response.

Advanced detection systems and automatic kill switches
Perma-Fix engineers have decades of field experience and can eliminate the mystery from operating radiation equipment.

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