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Treatability Study Services

PFF Treatability Laboratory personnel The Perma-Fix of Florida facility in Gainesville, Florida houses a state-of-the-art mixed waste analytical chemistry laboratory which conducts treatability studies to enhance or develop treatment processes for specialty wastes. In addition, since the laboratory is located within a licensed and permitted operating waste treatment facility which treats a variety of characteristic and listed waste soils, liquids, sludge, and debris to meet Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR) standards and/or other disposal objectives, personnel are available for consulting on scale-up issues that may be addressed during bench testing.

Features of Treatability Testing Services
Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc. has demonstrated capability to develop and commercialize compliant and cost-effective treatment processes for unique and problematic wastes through treatability studies.
  • Fully equipped licensed and permitted analytical laboratory;
  • Providing treatability studies to enhance or develop treatment processes for specialty wastes;
  • Performing bench-scale optimization tests;
  • Fully qualified personnel can assist with scaling-up of process methods developed; and
  • Use of either non-radioactive waste surrogate or real waste samples based upon client requirements.

The Treatability Laboratory personnel can perform bench-scale optimization tests using either non-radioactive waste surrogate or real waste samples based upon client requirements. The facility has the necessary engineering (fume hoods, no floor drains, monitoring instruments, etc.) and administrative (standard operating procedures, routine inspections and surveys, safety support staff, etc.) controls to facilitate performance of the work in a safe and effective manner.

The Technical Services staff have decades of combined experience in developing and optimizing waste treatment processes and have participated in the successful development of bench-scale and full-scale treatment processes for many waste streams as identified in the Waste Treatability Studies table.

Table 1 – Waste Treatability Studies
Thorium Source Material Repository Th(NO3) 4H2O> 98% Pure None: Product ≠ Waste DOT Oxidizer + DOT Corrosive Thnat Separated NO3 Deactivated oxidizer/corrosive Reduced volume
DOE Weapons Complex Fused Beryllium Salts None:Be toxic but Non-regulated by RCRA 234U, 235U, 238U PF stabilized Be salts, encapsulated container surface
Superfund LSV burial site remediation LSC contam soil, absorbent, and debris D022, F003, F005 3H, 14C Thermal desorb and oxidize to separate rad and/or destroy organics
CERCLA site Tagged chemical manufacturer Lab pack Encapsulated in concrete D001, D002, D003, F003, F005 14C Retrieved intact containers, categorized by compatibility and bulked contents for disposal
DOE Weapons Complex Spent aqueous cleaner from D&D D006, D008 3H PF precipitated and stabilized metals
DOE Weapons Complex Low density waste and scrap metal from D&D D005, D007 D008, D011 3H, 99Tc, 234U, 238U, 239Pu, 241Am PF stabilized metals and encapsulated debris
USAF Low density debris from D&D F005 3H Solvent Extract Alternate treatment standard for debris
DOE Weapons Complex Spent Nitric Acid D002, D006, D007, D008 99Tc, 234U, 235U, 238U PF Deactivated codes and stabilized waste
Chemical Manufacturer Ethanol Solution D001 65Zn Precipitated Zn to avoid disposal surcharge
University Research Lab Lab Pack D001, D002, D005, D022, F003, F005 3H, 14C, 55Fe 133Ba, 137Cs, 144Ce, 152Eu, 233Th, 233U, 238U Categorized and Bulked for Fuel Substitution
Nuclear Utility Paint Chips D008 60Co, 109Cd, 137Cs PF Stabilization
DOE Weapons Complex Oily Sludge Legacy Waste D018, D039, F001, F002, F005 Transuranics 90Sr, 99Tc, 234Th, 233U, 238U, 234mPa Extraction, Thermal Desorption, Chemical Oxidation, Combustion
DOE Weapons Complex Storm Sewer Sediment D005, D009 > 260 mg/kg 238U, 232Th Amalgamation/ Stabilization
Nuclear Utility Leaded Silicone Rubber D008 60Co, 137Cs Separate and Stabilize Lead
Multiple DOE Weapons Complex Depleted Uranium Metal Chips, and DU Fines in Sludge Reactive Metals, PCBs 238U Solvent Washing/Extraction or Thermal Desorption, Stabilization
DOE Weapons Complex Depleted Uranyl Nitrate Corrosive 238U Neutralization, Solidification
US Army Depot VX Hydrolysate Non-RCRA Corrosive, Flammable None Biological/Chemical Destruction of Agent Secondary Wastes
DOE Weapons Complex Silos 1 & 2 K-65 Residues Previously RCRA; Reclassified as 11e 2 Byproduct Material U, Radium Lead and Chromium Chemical Stabilization
Spent Fuel Processing Facility Tank Supernate with High Dissolved Salts D004, D007, D009 90Sr, 137Cs, 99Tc Stabilization and Solidification to meet NTS WAC