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Radioactive and Mixed Waste Services

Thermal Treatment


thermal treatment

Perma-Fix operates two Bulk Process Units (BPUs) for thermal processing of both liquid and solid low-level wastes. The BPU is most simply described as a large, refractory lined oven. The BPU allows for complete separability of customer wastes by utilizing a stainless steel burn box. Volume reductions obtained are dependent on the types of waste burned. Plastics, cloth, and paper treatment results in a VR in excess of 100:1. Typical VR for a standard mix of waste is 30:1. Final waste is packaged in accordance with disposal site criteria and can be disposed at any of the disposal facilities that accept LLW for disposal.


In addition to the BPU treatment of rad only liquids; the Perma-Fix DSSI facility will be utilized for thermal treatment of LLW liquids. The DSSI facility performs combustion processing resulting in the issuance of a Certificate of Management (COM) to the generator.