Perma-Fix Environmantal Services

Radioactive and Mixed Waste Services

Non-combustible liquids

wastewater treatment Neutralization/Stabilization can be performed at all four of the Perma-Fix facilities. Due to the waste treatment approach of this section Perma-Fix is providing our treatment capabilities for neutralization followed by stabilization. Neutralization involves the addition of applicable reagents to acidic or basic mixed wastes to render the wastes non-corrosive. After neutralization, wastes are processed by thermal (combustion) or non-thermal (stabilization) means, depending on regulatory requirements, waste matrix, and cost considerations

Stabilization/Solidification services will treat the waste to meet regulatory limits and render the waste in an acceptable form for disposal. In terms of treatment and depending upon the disposal facility waste acceptance criteria, the waste will be treated to meet either the toxicity characteristic limits in 40 CFR 261 or the limits applicable under the Universal Treatment Standards in 40 CFR 268.48. Solidification media used includes polymers, cement, fly ash, or a similar material that is compatible with the waste. The end product may be a solid monolith or an unconsolidated soil-like form, depending on the disposal facility acceptance criteria.