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Perma-Fix’s largest treatment facility, the Materials and Energy Corporation (M&EC), is located at the East Tennessee Technology Park in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. The Perma-Fix M&EC facility has the capability to treat the largest variety of Mixed Low-Level Waste (MLLW) in the U.S. In this facility, we operate numerous treatment trains including thermal desorption, stabilization, in tank aqueous treatment, mercury amalgamation, retort, macroencapsulation, deactivation and lab pack de-packing. The M&EC facility is certified for Low-Level and Mixed Low-Level Waste disposal at the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS). This certification allows Perma-Fix to receive, treat, and dispose of DOE site wastes that meet Land Disposal Restrictions and the NNSS Radioactive Waste Acceptance Program (RWAP) under our program.

Center Bayy inspections The M&EC Center Bay operations houses seven permitted storage units with a combined capacity of nearly 750,000 gallons and over thirty permitted tanks and miscellaneous treatment units capable of managing a wide array of waste matrices. There are three main processing enclosures, which are maintained under negative air pressure with HEPA filters for radioactive contamination control.

The M&EC South Bay facility operates under Atomic Energy Act (AEA) authority and a RCRA Part B permit issued by the State of Tennessee. One portion of the facility consists of an approximately 9,000 ft. Vault Type Room (VTR) Complex that has a DOE authorization to receive, store and process classified materials with a Facility Clearance Classification Level of SRD and a Special Nuclear Material Category IV / Attractiveness Level D.
South Bay Vault Type Room Under AEA authority, the South Bay facility is operated in accordance with a Safety Basis as a “Radiological Facility” that restricts the sum of fractions total radiological inventory for the facility so that each radionuclide does not exceed 1 respective to their DOE Category 3 Threshold Quantity (TQ) limits. The facility may contain a fissionable material inventory in excess of 700,000 g U-235 Fissionable Equivalent Mass (FEM) with per container limitations. The South Bay VTR Complex processing area is divided into six rooms for processing waste. Each room is designated for specified treatments. The facility has “Q” cleared personnel to perform the receipt, storage and processing of both classified materials and special nuclear materials with an attractiveness level that requires both physical and human security as well as an actively managed Materials Balance Area.

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Materials & Energy Corporation
East Tennessee Technology Park
2010 Hwy 58, Bldg K-1005
Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Phone: (865) 574-0149
Fax: (865) 574-0200

Note for visitors: M&EC is located within the East Tennessee Technology Park (ETTP), which is a controlled access facility. Visitors must be registered with security in order to enter the park. Full name, DOB, SSN and country of citizenship are required for access. M&EC will make all necessary arrangements, however we do request that you provide us at least 48 hours notice for a site visit.

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