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Our DSSI facility has the capability to destroy a wide range of liquid mixed and radioactive wastes using a licensed combustion process. The DSSI facility has over a decade of mixed waste treatment experience, since issuance of a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Part B Permit in 1989. This facility operates the only commercial mixed waste combustion unit in the United States with TSCA treatment authorization from the EPA Region 4 to manage TSCA regulated PCB contaminated radioactive wastes. This authorization is the first and only commercial outlet for radioactive PCB waste treatment and disposal that had not previously been available to commercial generators. The DSSI facility is complementary to other Perma-Fix treatment facilities and provides final destruction of liquids separated from solid wastes. The contaminants in the waste are either completely destroyed or bound to meet land disposal restrictions (LDR) criteria. Perma-Fix disposes of all combustion byproducts and no secondary wastes are returned to the customer.

To expand the types of wastes acceptable for processing through the combustion system a liquefaction unit is employed. Solid or semi-solid materials can be converted to a liquid state using high shear mechanical mixers, homogenizers, and mills. The materials are reduced in size and create a colloidal suspension with the free liquid resulting in a pumpable liquid waste that can be combusted in accordance with EPA requirements.

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Shipment requirements
On This Page:
  1. Prior Notification
  2. Off-loading Schedule
  3. Driver Check-In Procedure
  4. Delays
  5. Equipment Storage & Return
1. Prior Notification
  1. A Shipper shall inform DSSI Customer Service via telephone or FAX of a shipment. This notification should be made as close as possible to the time of departure, but shall always be made prior to the shipment arrival at DSSI. The notification shall include the DSSI shipment approval number, the date/time of departure, and the scheduled date/time of arrival.
  2. Prior notifications, if required by local, state, or federal regulations are the responsibility of the shipper.
2. Off-loading Schedule
  1. All arriving shipments shall be off-loaded as promptly as practical, in accordance with DSSI's work schedule and is subject to the resolution of any discrepancies.
  2. Special shipments shall be off-loaded in accordance with contractual or other arrangements made in advance.
3. Driver Check-In Procedure
  1. Present shipment papers to the security guard at the DSSI guardhouse.
  2. The security guard will notify the Plant Manager or designee of the shipment's arrival.
  3. The security guard will inspect the truck, brief the driver and complete the reported security paperwork to allow the driver to enter the controlled area with the shipment.
  4. The driver will position the truck as instructed by plant personnel to facilitate survey and off-loading.
  5. While inside the DSSI controlled area, the driver shall remain inside the vehicle, the lunch trailer of be escorted by a DSSI employee at all times. The driver will not be allowed to enter the cargo-carrying portion of the transport vehicle until it has been radiologically surveyed by DSSI personnel.
  6. Samples being delivered to DSSI via an express carrier (i.e. Federal Express or Airborne Express) will be given to the security guard, who will contact Health Physics immediately to inform them of the receipt.
4. Delays
  1. DSSI shall not be reponsible for transport equipment detention/demurrage charges assessed by the carrier. Payment of detention and/or demurrage charges is the responsibility of the customer unless otherwise expressly provided for in the contract.
  2. DSSI assumes no responsibility for transport equipment delays or special detention charges assessed by the carried due to weather delays, improper paperwork, special shipments, non-routine off-loads, decontaminating vehicles or containers, violation of Federal and/or State requirements, or any other shipment discrepancies.
5. Equipment Storage and Return
  1. Unless otherwise specified by prior arrangement, all authorized and conforming material associated with the shipment (containers, etc.) will become the property of DSSI and will be disposed of appropriately.
  2. Loading, storage or exchange of containers and blocking/bracing material for third parties will not be normally accommodated at DSSI. Special arrangements may be made by contacting DSSI Customer Service.
  3. Packaging or blocking and bracing material in excess of the minimum required to meet regulatory standards may be subject to a handling and disposal surcharge.
Pre Shipment requirements
On This Page:
  1. Waste Profile Sheet
  2. Reference 2.3
  3. Conditions 29 & 30
  4. Application for License-for-Delivery
  5. Radioactive Shipment Manifest
  6. Customer Service

1. A Waste Profile Sheet must be submitted and approved for each waste stream.

2. Analytical results pursuant to the most current revision of Reference 2.3 must be available and agreed upon by DSSI and the customer. Determined on a case-by-case basis, DSSI may waive this requirement.

3. A signed contract, approved Purchase Order, or other binding correspondence acceptable to DSSI must be in place. Such documentation shall explicitly address compliance with conditions 29 & 30 of Reference 2.1

4. Each shipper of radioactive waste to DSSI, unless otherwise exempted by the State of Tennessee, shall possess a current Tennessee Radioactive Waste License-for-Delivery. Generators may contract broker services to meet this requirement provided the contracted Broker possesses a current License-for-Delivery.

5. A completed copy of the Radioactive Shipment Manifest shall be forwarded to DSSI for review. A copy of a Radioactive Shipment Manifest can be obtained from DSSI Customer Service.

6. Each shipment of waste is required to have a DSSI shipment approval number in writing. This number is obtained by contacting DSSI customer Service. Any shipment arriving without a DSSI shipment approval number will NOT be accepted.

Available Downloads

File Name Category Description File Info
Perma-FixProfile2016-Fina... Waste Acceptance/Shipping Perma-Fix nuclear waste profile 2016 250 kB


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